Floral Paintings: Timeless Decor

Timeless Floral Paintings

Floral art has been appreciated for centuries for diffusing an essence of the world around us coupled with calmness and tranquility into our homes. Flower paintings have been objects of admiration by art lovers for centuries, with the spontaneous color strokes by Vincent van Gogh to the sublime precision of John Singer Sargent being clear examples. In this blog post, we will examine how you perfectly can add timeless floral paintings into your home decor as if you were painting like on the masters' style.

Branches with Almond Blossom - Vintage Wall Art Prints Decor For Living Room

Flowers- Metal Flower Wall Art For Living Room

Poppies- Metal Flower Wall Art For Living Room

Choosing the Perfect Floral Painting for Your Home Décor

  • Identify Your Style: Before heading into the world of floral painting, take a moment first to look at your own style and the atmosphere you want to achieve in your home. Do you look at retro, floral or contemporary, abstract colours? Getting to know your own taste will make it easier for you to pick the one that has a special meaning and is close to you.
  • Consider the Theme: The genre of flowers comes with a range of themes from majestic garden landscapes to minute detailed still lives. Think like the overall theme of your home décor and select a painting which goes well with it perfectly. To achieve a classic sophisticated style, use classic floral patterns like roses or lilies. If you would like to go for a more modern world, look for the abstract or minimalist floral compositions.
  • Focus on Size and Placement: The size of a floral painting regarding how it can be used in a room is a very important factor. Think about the wall’s size where you want the painting to be and pick one that fills it without being the dominant feature. Additionally, take into account the viewer's distance and angle to guarantee that the work of art is visible and appreciated from various areas of the room.
  • Select the Right Frame: The picture frame is of considerable importance when it comes to adding to the beauty of a botanical painting. Select a frame that matches the style and color scheme of the piece while at the same time coordinates well with the rest of your room setup. Whether you opt for intricate gold frames or set a minimalistic look with the sleek, minimalist frame, you need to make sure the frame emphasize the painting without overpowering it.
Therefore, floral paintings hold the potential to transform any space into one that is beautiful, graceful and serene. Whether you are drawn to the exquisitely realistic flowers by Bazille, Van Gogh's brilliant almond blossoms or Sargent's lavish poppies, there is an unforgettable masterpiece ready to be displayed on your walls. Get familiar with our assortment of floral wall art prints and take your home decor to the new level with natural masterpieces.

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