Sea Freight Commodities Policy

Sea Freight Commodities Policy

The goal of "Sea Freight Commodities" is to gather quality, unique shapes, and overweight products at an affordable price. Considering these products are shipping around the world, sea freight is the best way to ensure the best price.

Please note: A delivery time of 60-70 days is generally expected from the date of order.

1. Sea Freight Commodities are charged at full price on the site, as are regular items. This is to hold items for the manufacturer or, in some cases, to hold items that were produced to order.

2. Within 24 hours of the order placement, we'll notify you via email if items are Sea Freight Commodities.
Prior to the shipping date, we will verify with the manufacturer or shipping warehouse that we are on track to ship. We'll notify you via email if there is a reason for additional delay.

If the Sea Freight Commodities is confirmed as not shipped, the order MAY BE canceled. Items that leave the manufacturer or original storage facility CAN NOT be canceled.

To cancel Sea Freight Commodities, contact customer service and we'll do our best to halt shipment. We'll confirm your cancellation via an email update of your order.

To ensure you receive your order as soon as possible, sea freight commodities and standard shipping products will be shipped separately.