Loomy Linen Ripple Fold Drapery

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Color: Beige White

Loomy Linen

Loomy linen curtains, with their pure oxygen feel, natural transparency, and healing comfort, bring lightness and tranquility to your home life. Crafted from premium linen to create a harmonious natural sanctuary, they awaken your longing for a beautiful life.

High Quality, Detail-Oriented

  • Our Loomy Line, with their ability to absorb air moisture, breathability, and durability, offer an unmatched high-quality feel, perfectly blending the beauty of simplicity with comfortable living.
  • With a well-ventilated structure, these drapes are resistant to sun damage and keep you cool all year.Linen, known for its natural characteristics, is ideal for those who suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin.
  • Double-Width: Curtains over 108 inches use double width if wider than 56 inches (50 inches for triple pleats); shorter ones are seamless, regardless of width.

Natural Linen

Fine Seam Detail

Diverse Colors

Double Width

Begin Your Journey to Simplified Customization

Style Selection

Neutral Color Theme

In the world of neutral interiors, beyond beige and ivory, lies a nuanced symphony of undertones, transforming spaces through light and subtle intrigue.

Neutrals weave warmth with hints of gold in blacks, browns, and beiges, while cool tones of white, ivory, and gray shine with silver whispers.

Embrace the depth and stories hidden within neutrals, where the interplay of light reveals the rich curtain of muted colors.

Need help ?Fabric Swatches available

  • Order a curtain sample swatch to avoid color mismatches and preview the actual fabric, making your selection process easier and more accurate.
  • Benefit from priority shipping and customization options for a hassle-free home update. Pre-order your samples for an improved decorating journey!
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How to Choose the Right Curtains

Choose Hanging Header

Measuring Dimensions

Privacy Level Selection

Learn More About Pulse Track Width Style

Curtain Width

For Grommet Eyelet Curtain

Rod Installed:Curtain Width = A / Number of panel

Without Rod:Curtain Width = (B+a+b) / Number of panel

Curtain Length

  • A: 1 inch above floor: Keeps it clean and tidy, avoids wear and tear, suitable for high-traffic areas.
  • B: Break on floor: Slightly touching the floor adds elegance and balances formality with informality, suitable for living rooms or bedrooms.
  • C: Slight puddle on floor: Slight sinking brings a sense of romance and luxury, suitable for formal occasions and classic style decor.

    Length of per panel = Top of the rod to where you want the curtain to finish

Shading Rate

Shading Rate measures how much light a curtain blocks, ranging from sheer (minimal blocking) to blackout (nearly 100% blocking), crucial for privacy and light control.


Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Oliver Carter

These curtains washed nicely and fit perfectly in the bedroom.

Hannah Morris

I bought one panel to keep the cool air upstairs, and it works wonders.

Nora Foster

This blackout curtain is amazing! It arrived with just one curtain/panel, which was all I needed for my bedroom entryway. Since the morning sun directly hits my bedroom door, this curtain effectively keeps the room dark instead of flooded with light in the early hours. It effortlessly slides onto the tension rod and moves back and forth without any issues. Constructed from thick and sturdy materials of high quality, it washes nicely on the gentle cycle in a laundry bag, which is my preferred method to ensure its longevity. It is the perfect length for an average doorway. Well-made and reasonably priced, it can darken any space effectively. It's absolutely ideal for my room! I highly recommend this blackout curtain/panel.

Ryan Jenkins

This blackout curtain is a game-changer! It's thick, sturdy, and effortlessly blocks out sunlight, making it perfect for my bedroom entryway. It's well-made and washes nicely, ensuring durability. Highly recommend!

Ellie Roberts

These curtains are amazing! They effectively blackout my living room, keeping it cool and wrinkle-free. The price is also a major plus.

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