Lumi Sheer Soft Top Minimalist Curtain,Living Room

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  • Material:90% Spendex + 10% Lamination Fabric
  • Pattern:25 patterns to choose
  • Weight: 106 gsm
  • Size: customize the size to fit your room. [learn how to measure]
  • Hanging Methods:Multiple hanging methods available. [Learn More] 
  • Care: Gently machine wash or dry clean, no bleach, steam iron, air dry.

Lumi Sheer

Drawing inspiration from the Latin root for "light," the Lumi series embodies the art of gracefully filtering natural light, crafting a soft and inviting ambiance.

High Quality, Detail-Oriented

  • Softness: Crafted for ultimate comfort, this fabric offers a softness that soothes the skin, embodying the gentle touch of a calming embrace. It invites tranquility, making every touch a serene experience.
  • Light and Airy: This fabric embodies lightness, designed to bring a sense of openness and freedom to any space. It diffuses light beautifully, creating an ambiance that’s both airy and elegant.
  • Luminous: With its ability to capture and enhance light, this fabric brightens spaces with a radiant glow. It offers a vibrant energy, enriching rooms with warmth and luminosity.
  • Hypoallergenic: Designed for sensitive skin, this hypoallergenic fabric merges comfort with health, offering a gentle touch that's free from irritants. It’s the ideal choice for ensuring well-being without compromising on luxury.


Light and Airy



Style Selection

Neutral Color Theme

In the world of neutral interiors, beyond beige and ivory, lies a nuanced symphony of undertones, transforming spaces through light and subtle intrigue.

Neutrals weave warmth with hints of gold in blacks, browns, and beiges, while cool tones of white, ivory, and gray shine with silver whispers.

Embrace the depth and stories hidden within neutrals, where the interplay of light reveals the rich tapestry of muted colors.


How to Choose the Right Curtains

Choose Hanging Header

Measuring Dimensions

Privacy Level Selection

1.5-2.2x Fullness

Compared to curtains with 1.5x fullness, curtains with 1.8-2.2x fullness offer richer pleating effects and a more elegant visual experience, more effective shading and privacy protection, as well as higher adaptability and decorative effects.

We will customise your curtain fullness between 1.8-2.2 depending on your actual curtains.

1.5 times fullness

2 times fullness



Learn More About Soft Top Hanging Style






Curtain Width

For Drapery Pleated Curtain

Rod Installed:Curtain Width = A / Number of panel

Without Rod:Curtain Width = (B+a+b) / Number of panel

Curtain Length

  • A: 1 inch above floor: Keeps it clean and tidy, avoids wear and tear, suitable for high-traffic areas.
  • B: Break on floor: Slightly touching the floor adds elegance and balances formality with informality, suitable for living rooms or bedrooms.
  • C: Slight puddle on floor: Slight sinking brings a sense of romance and luxury, suitable for formal occasions and classic style decor.

    Length of per panel = The curtain rod hook's eyelet ring to where you want the curtain to finish


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