Best Bathroom Lighting Ideas in 2023

Best Bathroom Lighting Ideas in 2023

Need to revamp your bathroom atmosphere? There is no better way than investing in the best bathroom lighting ideas in 2023. Your bathroom can be a relaxing spot in your house, especially since you'll spend a lot of time in it. With this in mind, it's essential to place the ideal lighting in your bathroom to ensure that you can have a soothing bath or shower without needing to turn the lights on; what better way to do it than with a contemporary & trendy light fixture?

Ideally, installing light fixtures in your bathroom is a thorough process that requires various considerations, and this post outlines the best bathroom lighting fixture ideas. All these 2023 lighting ideas are classic and affordable— check out this selection today!


Ozawa Wooden Floor Lamp, Height 90/120cm ($209.99)

The Ozawa Collection is the best definition of trendy bathroom fixtures in 2023 for its capacity to inspire a warm, simplistic appeal. Wood has been a classic and timeless material option for cool interior design ideas, particularly due to its adaptability and versatility. Ideally, this wooden floor lamp is an ideal option to help create classic home décor ranging from historical to rustic and even contemporary.

The Ozawa fixture's size is measured manually, although there is usually a 1-3cm error. Moreover, due to the light difference, there might be some slight chromatic aberration, which we seek to explain to clients beforehand to ensure they hire a professional to do the job appropriately!


Kristy Crystal Chandelier (Dia 60/80cm) $399.99

Suppose you want an affordable yet classic chandelier to create an elegant home appeal. The Kristy Crystal dimmable chandelier is a fantastic choice, especially for apartment homes looking to achieve a modern décor look.

This Kristy chandelier is an amazing bathroom fixture idea due to its lovely crystal finish and availability in different size options. The crystal in this fixture creates a stunningly warm and ambient glow for your home. Moreover, this unit is dimmable and comes with an in-built timer to alternate your timings.

With this Kristy Chandelier, you have a cool chandelier and lighting unit to light up your bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and offices. Furthermore, it works well as a prominent decorative piece in staircases and halls, effectively establishing a stylish appeal.


Leigh Wall Lamp Switchable & with Vanity Mirror 80/100cm $89.99

The Leigh Vanity Lamp is a simple yet practical option to inspire style and stunning lighting in virtually any room. Its curved arm stature helps it sit flush against your walls, with its stylish chrome finish complementing any décor.

This lighting fixture has a subtle design suitable for any décor, and its vanity wall mount mirror creates a modern design that accentuates all your bathroom accessories.

With this unit, you can set different light options ranging from cool white to warm white, effectively transforming your bathroom's look in an instant! Better yet, since you can change its mode from high to low and medium, you can enjoy control amount of light without using the wall switch.


Quinn Flush Dimmable Mount Ceiling Light Dia 30/38/48cm $89.99

Quinn has been a prominent ceiling light manufacturer for over a decade, and this Quinn flush ceiling light fixture is an ideal example of its quality craftsmanship. Courtesy of its stunning design and top-quality materials, this light fixture offers a modern, classic look that will enhance any interior décor.

Quinn fixture comes with a cool white diffuser, and with its accompanying remote or wall switch, you can dim the light to your liking.

It features three different size options: 48, 38, and 30cm allowing it to fit nearly all rooms. Moreover, with its remote-control option, you can switch to different color options to establish different mood settings in your room. It can adaptably change colors all day to suit your activity or mood.

Finally, this Quinn flush light comes with a contemporary design to blend well in your home décor suitably; and considering its metal/glass build, you needn't worry about your fixture getting easily scratched or damaged.



Ultimately, whatever your fixture ideas are, if you want to enhance your bathroom lighting and décor, you'll delight in this 2023 lighting ideas and collection. A good lighting fixture lets you keep your room well-lit throughout the day and even at night. And while there are multiple light fixture ideas, these are among the best available. This list has everything needed to inspire a stunning bathroom décor for your suitability.

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