Las Sola

Influencer Installation Video

Welcome to Las Sola, where quality meets warmth. Our products are loved and recommended by top influencers and bloggers. At Las Sola, we pride ourselves on creating products that not only illuminate your spaces but also capture the hearts of design enthusiasts and influencers alike. Our trusted influencers bring you detailed, easy-to-follow installation videos that showcase the elegance of Las Sola lighting and Curtain.

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Premium Fabrics Easy Installation

Elevate your interior with the finest materials in our Curtain and Fabric Lamp Series. This collection includes the Aira Linen Cotton Curtain, Plushy Velvet Curtain, and vintage-style fabric lamp. Whether it’s our premium curtains or beautifully designed lamps, we use only the highest quality fabrics to ensure elegance and durability in your home. Enjoy the luxury of top-notch materials combined with the ease of straightforward installation.

Variety Light & Detailed Installation Guides

Explore the versatility and charm of our Pendant Light Series. Featuring the Ritta Handmade Pendant Light, Byers Modern Pendant Light, and Lessio Industrial Vintage Metal Pendant Light, Las Sola offers a wide variety of pendant lights to suit any style. If you need help with installation, simply follow our step-by-step videos for guidance.

Luxurious Gilded Series

Indulge in the opulence of our Luxurious Gilded Series, featuring exquisite crystal lamps, feather lamps, and gold table lamps. Each piece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to any space. Perfect for those who seek the ultimate in luxury and style.