Cone Adjustable Floor Lights

Cone Adjustable Floor Lights

Ozawa Modern Pleated Wood Fabric Bedside Table Floor Lamp

The Ozawa Floor Lamp exudes vintage charm with its pleated retro design, marrying metal and wood seamlessly. Its cone-plated shape lamp casts a warm and inviting glow, making it an ideal choice for a cozy living room ambiance.
The Ozawa's fusion of metal and wood complements various interior styles, adding a touch of retro elegance. Its movable feature allows for versatile placement, ensuring the perfect spot to enhance the overall aesthetic of your living space.
Crafted with an eye for energy efficiency, the Ozawa blends nostalgic design with modern functionality. Its use of advanced lighting technology ensures a warm and ambient glow without compromising on energy conservation.
Installing the Ozawa is a breeze, thanks to its thoughtful design. Regular dusting and occasional wood polishing will keep this floor lamp looking as timeless as the day it brightened up your living room.

Ozawa Simple Walnut/Metal/Fabric, Table/Floor Lamp, Living Room

Carins Vintage Metal Tall Standing Floor Lamp, Black/BrassThe Carins Vintage Metal Tall Standing Floor Lamp boasts a sleek black and brass combination, featuring a linear bar with cone-shaped lamps that evoke a sense of timeless sophistication.
Ideal for spaces where a touch of vintage flair is desired, the Carins effortlessly combines a linear design with cone-shaped lamps. Its tall standing stature makes it a striking focal point in any room.
The Carins embraces energy-efficient lighting technology, marrying the vintage aesthetic with contemporary eco-consciousness. The black and brass finish adds a touch of luxury without compromising on sustainability.
Installation is straightforward, and routine cleaning ensures the longevity of this vintage-inspired floor lamp. The black and brass accents maintain their luster with simple care, contributing to the lamp's enduring appeal.

Muto Modern Metal Fabric Rattan Floor Lamp

Carins Modern Minimalist Metal Tall Standing Floor Lamp, Black/GoldThe Carins Modern Minimalist Floor Lamp is a sleek addition to contemporary spaces, featuring a black and gold color scheme and a linear bar with adjustable cone torch lamps.
This lamp is the epitome of modern minimalism, making it an excellent choice for spaces where clean lines and adjustable lighting are paramount. The black and gold finish adds a touch of sophistication to any room.
The Carins Modern Minimalist Lamp prioritizes energy efficiency with its adjustable cone torch lamps. This sleek design merges style with functionality, providing customizable illumination while maintaining eco-friendly sensibilities.
Installing this floor lamp is a straightforward process, and its minimalist design simplifies maintenance. The black and gold elements remain striking with routine care, ensuring the lamp's contemporary allure stands the test of time.
Discover the Elegance of Cone Adjustable Floor Lights at Las Sola to Illuminate Your Space with Style. Our selection of cone adjustable floor lights offers the ideal fusion of contemporary style and programmable lighting, blending form and function in a seamless manner. These stylish fixtures will add a sophisticated touch to your decor because they can be adjusted to create the perfect mood and amount of illumination for your space. Experience a world of refinement and adaptability with our cone adjustable floor lights—a source of illumination that adds a dash of modern brilliance to your surroundings.

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