How far should a pendant light hang above a table?

How far should a pendant light hang above a table?

Hanging pendant lights is a popular choice in most rooms, however, how far above the table should the light hang? The general thumb is to hang the light 36inches or 72 inches (6ft) from the floor. But, there are expectations to every rule, and some people think this is too low for casual entertainment.

If you intend to light up your dining room using a hanging pendant and you need to understand how far above the lighting should be, keep reading this article.


Consider the ceiling height

People often say that there should be 36 inches between the top of a table and the bottom of a ceiling light. However, if you have a big room with high ceilings, you may want to hang the ceiling pendant light higher. Most of the time, the more space you need under a hanging fixture, the higher the ceiling. This is so that the size of the fixture matches the size of the room.

It's advisable to hang 36 to 42 inches of space between the light fixture bottom and the table top in a space with ceilings that are 8-10 feet high. It places the lighting between 5ft 6 inches and 6ft above the floor, which is about the eye level while standing up.

If your ceilings are 8 feet high, the rule of thumb is to hang the pendant 36 inches above the table. If the ceilings are 10 feet high, experts love to hang the light 40-42 inches above the table.


Measure length

Knowing the total length of the fixture will help you choose between pendants that include shades and those that require you to purchase an additional one. You can simply enter the desired overall length (including the shade) on the lights' product page before placing your order.

If the shade is not included, you can calculate the required length of the fixture by subtracting the desired shade height from the total length of the fixture. This will give you an overall length for your fastener.

Over a kitchen island or elsewhere in the space, pendants and other forms of lighting are frequently employed. When deciding whether or not to place pendant lights over the kitchen island, there are a few factors to consider. In the kitchen, do you want to use the pendant lights as accent pieces, or as the primary lighting? 


Adapt to the dimensions of the room or ceiling.

Adjusting the pendant light's height to fit the room's ceiling height is a contentious issue for some. That isn't required, according to some designers. If the purpose of the pendant light is primarily to illuminate the table, then this makes perfect sense.

It may be necessary to make alterations in light of the room's dimensions or the height of its ceiling. A pendant light's purpose is to provide illumination, but its primary function is as an aesthetic focal point. The pendant light's compatibility with the room's aesthetic should therefore be carefully considered.


Consider scale 

There are functional concerns, such as avoiding blocking sight lines, to think about when selecting how high above a table to install a light, but the aesthetics of the arrangement are as crucial. In order to assess whether or not the location of the hanging works with the proportions, experts recommend taking a step back.

Being there during a pendant installation is crucial for achieving the ideal height. Phillip Thomas stresses the importance of taking in the pendant light from both a standing and seated vantage point.

The standard recommendation is to place the light fixture at least three feet above the tabletop. Malka Helft from Think Chic Interiors adds, "This may vary slightly based on the look within the house, which will let you to determine what style and size of lighting fixture will work in the room.

When it comes to lighting, however, there's a need of avoiding letting a fixture hang too low since "keeping the link between the table and light is critical so they are viewed as one element."

Last but not least, it is important to make sure the light is hung properly above a dining table. When hanging a single light fixture, the middle is the safest bet, but when hanging multiples as a design feature, you may want to experiment. Ensure the dining room's entryway, light fixture, and table are all in a straight line with one another.


Take away

Every person has unique tastes when it comes to interior design, lighting, and sun exposure. Because of the wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials used to create pendants, it can be tricky to give specific guidance on how to properly hang your new lighting fixture.

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