The Best Dining Room Lighting Trends In 2023

The Best Dining Room Lighting Trends In 2023

One of the area’s most people overlook when it comes to decorating a home is the lighting. It is often considered last minute or not considered at all. You spend so much time on everything else and forget the lighting of your home will not come together cohesively. Here are a few trends to help you spruce up the lighting in your dining room in 2023.


Stylish lighting


Gone are the days when all you needed was a single accent light for your lighting. The latest trend that is slowly picking up is stylish lighting. With this trend comes many options for lighting, as seen below:

Bubble lights 


Unlike your daily boring chandeliers, one trend that has successfully picked up is bubble lights. Aside from offering amazing lighting, these cluster bubble lights are also very stylish.

You can play around with the different types and determine which will work for your home. The bubbles can also have different color bulbs for a dramatic effect.

Milky glass lights


Another stylish lighting design that will stay for 2023 is the milky glass chandeliers. While this trend has been common, it still gets quite the recognition.

The trend is perfect for high ceilings. You can use it to bring an illusion of a lower ceiling since these lights can hang low.

Unique pendant pieces 


Another trend that has gained popularity when it comes to lighting is pendant pieces. Aside from the usual chandeliers in the market, a couple of pieces will stand out when you decide to start lighting up your home. Here are some of these pieces and how they will change up your dining room.

Crystal chandeliers


Moving away from the usual market chandeliers, crystal chandeliers make quite a statement. While in the past, these were mostly reserved for the living room, this has since changed. These chandeliers have gained so much popularity in the dining room as well. The crystals bounce off light, giving a dramatic effect to the entire ensemble and bringing a mood at dinner. 

Ceramic chandeliers


If you love playing around with pendants in a minimalist way, this is for you. Ceramic chandeliers are fancy but in a subtle way.

The light they give off might not be so bright, but the ceramic pattern gives the room a level of sophistication. It makes a great addition to your dining room once you play around with the bulbs.

Layered lighting 


One amazing way to light up your home is through layered lighting. With this trend, you do not have to worry about your home not getting enough light. Playing around with the different lighting elements in the dining room is a great way for you to achieve this kind of effect.

It mostly takes up a different mix-and-match form, but the effect is usually worth all the thought out. You can also choose to use different lighting features to get different moods in the room.

Geometrical lighting shapes


Playing around with the house's layout is a great way to get the most out of your lighting. Aside from the usual pendant lighting, there is a lot more that you can use when it comes to your lighting in the home. In the dining room, various geometric light pendants can be used when providing lighting for a room. All these elements will work together to make your room look so well put together.

Nature inspired lighting


One of the things most people like to do is bring the outside into their homes. To do this, nature-inspired lighting comes in handy. With a couple of well-sculpted lighting fixtures, a common lighting point can go from looking average to being a conversation starter. Many chandeliers and lampshades have been sculpted to look like leaves or plants and provide adequate lighting in the dining room.

These lights can be subtle or draw attention to themselves. Whatever effect you are going for, you can be sure you will never go wrong with this nature-inspired lighting fixture. 

The lighting trend you pick for your dining room will either make or break the general aesthetic of the room. For this reason, you need to ensure that whatever you settle on not only looks good but also works well with the features in the room.

 The trends above will be around for a long time and will ensure that your home looks great. Pick out a trend and get your lighting fixture from Las Sola. We have various pendant lights available for you.

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