The Six Best Floor Lamps for Bedrooms In 2023

The Six Best Floor Lamps for Bedrooms In 2023

Do you want to amp up your bedroom? If so, give it a classy, modern makeover. If so, this article is for you! While redecorating your personal space requires plenty of décors, today, we will focus on floor lamps. 

These overlooked lamps deliver a decent ambient light to your space, establish a cozy surrounding, and eventually give your bedroom a beautiful appearance. Floor lamps are a great blend of style and function, making them the perfect option for any bedroom decorating project. 

Which Floor Lamps Are Ideal for a Bedroom?

Regarding picking the best floor lamps for your bedroom, there are many options. Despite the design you like, lighting develops a cozy atmosphere in any space. 

However, if you aren’t sure which one to go for, here are the six best floor lamps for bedrooms:

 O’Moore Feather Lamp

This magnificent yet functional feather floor lamp is topping my list of best floor lamps for the bedroom. This romantic and beautiful piece of art is soft at the touch, magnificent in its beauty and functional in delivering light in any given space. 

When it comes to safety, this floor lamp is perfectly built to use even in the presence of pets or kids. It is made using top-quality metal in the interior, and you get copper-like resin on the exterior. Further, it has a maple leaf-like shape, with a touch of modern and natural in its design. 

Something else you will love about this floor lamp is the 35-feather design and 1.8m height and 1.1m diameter construction. Moreover, the top-notch LED all-round, light-discharging light will come in handy. In the package will be 5 LED bulbs to start you off. 

Product link: O’Moore Feather Lamp


Renee Artificial Paper and Wood Floor Lamp

If you are searching for a vintage French vibe, this is the bedroom floor lamp. It has a unique yet simple shape; it looks like a small cloud floating in the air. 

You'll love the smooth Tyvek diffuser, an exemplary modern design, durable build and soft-to-the-touch texture. Also, it is made of entirely recyclable material, hence perfect for eco-warriors.

 The paper-like construction offers impressive flexibility, as it lets the thin frame highlight the pendant light's cloud-like appearance.

Lastly is the laminate, which is fitted with an LED light source, and the whole setup is compact enough to fit in a single box for utmost portability. 

Product link: Renée Floor Lamp, Artificial Paper & Wood

Kady Lamp Butterfly

This floor lamp is built using robust zinc alloy, ensuring durability, while the painting process is anti-rust and anti-oxidation, focusing on its beauty and luxurious appearance. 

As the name suggests, this floor lamp has a butterfly design, and once the butterfly moves, it once more highlights this magnificent piece's splendor. Moreover, you can use it as a reading lamp, thanks to the decent amount of light it emits. 

If you are in the market for a simple yet sophisticated lamp emitting beautiful and soft light, this is an excellent choice. 

Product link: Kady Floor Lamp Butterfly


Ozawa Wooden & Metallic Floor Lamp 

Here is yet another chic floor lamp, available in three colors; white, beige and coffee. For that beautiful, warm and abundant light, choose this Ozawa lamp. Whether looking for a lamp to illuminate your desk when reading or a touch of sophistication to amp up your bedroom, this is a great choice. 

The design comprises linen, careful detailing, a lovely surface, and excellent light emission. Besides, you'll also get a 12W bulb included in the package. The installation process is easy, and the build quality is epic, allowing this iconic floor lamp to boost your space. 

Product link: Ozawa Floor Lamp, Wood & Metal

Elif Dimmable Floor Lamp

This floor lamp is just as good-looking as the others but circular and dimmable. It's actually a ball-like lamp. It will go for 8-12 hours when fully charged and is flexible enough to position it where you like. 

It is also waterproof, and the PE material construction makes it eco-friendly and effortless to haul. It is as well safe for pets and children and dimmable depending on the vibe you're looking for.

Lastly, it can emit 16 colors and comes with a remote control for utmost convenience. 

Product link: Elif Floor Lamp Dimmable

Edge Floor lamp

Finally, this dimmable linear floor lamp with integrated LED light, so you will not need a bulb. It features a durable acrylic and metallic build and comes in a black color that exudes elegance. 

Like all the floor lamps here, this one is safe to use in the presence of pets and children. It is also the perfect option to place next to your bed or desk. 

Product link: Edge Linear Floor Lamp /w Table, Metal, 3 Color, 61"

Are floor lamps a good choice for my bedroom?

Definitely! Floor lamps are an excellent choice for your bedroom. First, they highlight specific room sections, which are portable, allowing you to move them quickly from one part of the room to another. 

Besides, they can save funds on utility bills since they offer lower wattage compared to overhead lighting.

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