Arisha Modern Wave Flush Mount Ceiling Light, Living Room, White

Sale price$209.99 USD

Size: 15.7"
Dimmable v.s. Color Temperature Switchable

Las Sola offers dimmable products based on style, currently we have two different versions based on the product of your selection.

Color Temperature Switchable - Able to change between 3 different color temperatures (warm white, cool white, and natural white). Usually changed by the light switch*.

Remote Control Dimmable - Product comes with a remote control allows you to change both the brightness & color temperatures (warm white, cool white, and natural white).

*Please Note: We DO NOT provide remote control or switch panel for color temperature switchable option.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

Oh boy, this light is the real deal! It's like having a piece of Hollywood in my living room. The white finish and wave design give off a classy and glamorous American vibe that just blows me away!


It's the epitome of East Coast elegance. It's got that timeless appeal that reminds me of the luxurious mansions in the Hamptons. Every time I turn it on, I feel like I'm sipping champagne at a high society party!


I can't help but feel like I'm in a swanky New York penthouse with this, It's got that classic American style that instantly elevates my space, making it the envy of all my friends. Talk about lighting up the American dream!


Yeehaw! it is my new favorite rodeo show. It brings a touch of rustic charm with its modern design, making my room feel like a cozy farmhouse in the heart of Texas. Now I just need a rocking chair and some sweet tea


I feel like a Hollywood starlet in my own dressing room with this one. The soft, warm glow it emits makes me feel like I'm getting ready for my close-up. Lights, camera, action – this light is my very own spotlight moment!

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