Kirsten Chandelier Pearl Color Temperature Switchable, Brass & Glass, Dia 50/60/80cm

Sale price$249.99 USD

Size: Dia50cm
Dimmable v.s. Color Temperature Switchable

Las Sola offers dimmable products based on style, currently we have two different versions based on the product of your selection.

Color Temperature Switchable - Able to change between 3 different color temperatures (warm white, cool white, and natural white). Usually changed by the light switch*.

Remote Control Dimmable - Product comes with a remote control allows you to change both the brightness & color temperatures (warm white, cool white, and natural white).

*Please Note: We DO NOT provide remote control or switch panel for color temperature switchable option.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Iris Mandell

Love the vibe. Wish cord hanging was white/tan/clear.


I love this chandelier. Very easy to install. Probably took 20 minutes, including the time to install the feathers. Looks very elegant. Kinda wish they would have given me at least one extra feather. Just in case...


I could give this product a more accurate rating if my husband would actually install it like he promised ( it has been about a month since I received it) I have no idea what it looks like hanging from my ceiling or turned on. What I can say is that it��s gorgeous as it sits on my dining room table. I have no doubt that it will be gorgeous once installed and make the perfect addition to my garden tub nook in the master bathroom. It was super easy to assemble and maybe if it��s put up in the next year or so I can come back and add some pics to the review.

Lisa Singer

This is a lovely funky bohemian chandelier. It gives some ambient light but cannot light an entire room. While I like it , I don��t like it in my space so I��m taking it down. Very light weight and easy to install. You put the feathers in yourself before you hang it.

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