3 Ways to Teach You How to Choose Curtains

3 Ways to Teach You How to Choose Curtains
Curtains, don't look at it inconspicuous, the role can be useful! Not only can be used for light insulation and heat preservation, can also be used for decoration, and sometimes can also play a role in highlighting the role of home decor a bright spot!
  1. Curtain Components
Curtains are composed of three main elements: curtain body, accessories and fittings. The body of the curtain refers to the drapery, the body of the window, the window screen; accessories refer to the window cherry, tent ring, trim, lace, window vision lining fabric, etc.; accessories refer to the side hooks, tiebacks, window hooks, window tape and so on.
  1. Curtain styles
  • Structure classification: simple type, rail type, box type.
  • Transmittance classification: translucent, semi-transparent, opaque.
  • Form classification: ordinary curtains (for windows with window boxes), lifting curtains (similar to the hanging method of blinds, can be folded and raised), Roman rods (no window boxes, more decorative).
  1. Curtain fabric materials

Cotton and linen blend

Generally used for solid color and embroidered curtains, the surface can see the warp and weft texture, home of the fabric sofa, very suitable for cotton and linen blend material curtains.


Cotton curtains are rare because the cotton fabric itself is stiff and does not drape well.

Velvet chemical fiber

Velvet texture curtains, very gorgeous, great drape, especially suitable for vintage literary style, heavy texture, excellent sound insulation and heat preservation!

Satin chemical fiber

Simulated silk effect in solid colors, prints and embroidery, also available in dark patterns.

Other materials

Bamboo curtains and reed curtains create a raw and natural atmosphere, shading and translucent.

How do you pick the right curtains?

Blackout properties

Blackout curtains refer to the weaving process, the use of weaving changes in the sandwich woven into the black yarn, the black yarn in the sandwich can help the curtain fabric heat absorption, blocking the light, blackout curtains light-avoiding effect of 80% -95%, while the general curtain fabric is only 50% light-avoiding effect, so blackout curtains shading effect is twice as good as the general curtains, shading at the same time, can effectively insulate the heat, thereby reducing the indoor temperature.
  • The darker the general blackout curtain fabric color, the stronger the blackout.

Soundproofing, heat insulation, cold protection

Home more than 50% of the heat and cold air is lost by the window, so thickened curtains can effectively block the high temperature outside in summer, as well as to prevent the loss of indoor heat in winter, to create a warm winter and cool summer residence, while greatly reducing the air conditioning power consumption, reducing energy consumption, more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. In addition, there is a good sound insulation effect.

Identify curtains from the details of good and bad

  1. The fabric should be well-made, the workmanship should be fine, and the thread should be dense.
  2. Sewing lines should be close to the color of the fabric to show more delicate.
  3. The bottom of the 10 cm hem is more atmospheric and beautiful, the foot of the built-in drape weights to increase the drape of the curtains.


  1. There are too many types of fabrics, may be picky, it is recommended to choose and sofa or bedding consistent curtain material, such as bedding is linen, curtains also choose linen.
  2. Curtain hanging method - Hang it all over the wall or just cover the windows?
  3. If it is a door or window in the living room, it is definitely recommended to hang it all over the wall so that it is more atmospheric and holistic!
  4. Straight, roller, Roman or blinds?
  • Straight curtains, is the most common form of curtains, the best shade, other forms of curtains are easy to leak light from the edge, straight curtains are recommended to be floor to ceiling, which is more atmospheric.
  • Roller blinds, clean and more modern, roller blinds are recommended to be left half-open, completely down will be depressing.
  • Roman shades, suitable for skinny tall or square windows, are installed against or near the ceiling to show off the height of the floor!
  • Blinds adjust the level of light and darkness.
In short, curtains can do quite a lot to keep the house warm in winter and cool in summer, as well as provide some decoration!

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