8 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Foyer Lighting

8 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Foyer Lighting

Every interior designer knows that having the proper lighting in a foyer could transform the whole interior’s mood. Because hallways are the introduction to the interior of any building, it is essential to choose the best foyer lighting. However, this may seem challenging, especially for new homeowners. 

Luckily, we created this quick guideline to help you get set before making any purchases. So, how do you choose the right foyer lights? 


1. Make Your Foyer the Entrance Point of Focus

Your foyer is the entrance to your home, and the grander it looks, the more of an impression it makes. Hence, it should set the interior’s tone. To do this, ensure that the foyer lighting you choose matches the interior decor. For example, if you have contemporary art, go for modern fixtures. Otherwise, for antiques, mid-century foyer lighting would be apt. 


2. Get the Measurements Right

The right measurements will make any light fixture look out of place. Top designers have a rule regarding the suitable size for foyer lighting. These guidelines are:



The get the best height for your foyer lighting, measure the ceiling height and divide it by three. It would be best if you hung foyer pendant lights or chandeliers seven feet from the floor, inclusive of whether you will place a table underneath.



Another measurement that matters is the diameter of the foyer lighting. Big light fixtures should measure eighteen inches at least. To get your custom foyer lighting diameter, measure the length and width of your foyer in feet. Then, convert the feet to inches. 


Number of Light Fixtures

One foyer light is enough for a 150 square feet entrance. If your hallway is more extended, consider adding more light fixtures. For example, you can place the three table lamps and an overhead fixture for vast foyers. 


3. Illumination Level

Different fixtures have varying illumination levels. It would be best if you chose the chandelier or pendant, depending on the size of your hallway. The wattage dictates the illumination of a fixture - high-wattage lighting is brighter than low-wattage lighting.

The ideal wattage formula is multiplying the foyer’s square feet by 1.5. for instance, a 120 square feet hallway needs a 180 watts light fixture. 

Modern lights now incorporate LEDs, which use two to ten watts. As a result, they are more Eco-friendly and save on energy consumption. 


4. Layer the Lighting

One rule of thumb when lighting is involved is to use two of any four types of light; decorative, task, ambient, and task. And this rule should be noticed when choosing the perfect foyer lighting. 

The primarily used lights to match the central fixture are ambient and decorative. For these, you can opt for table lamps, wall scones, or floor lamps.


5. Create Contrast for Small Spaces

Many homeowners need help selecting their foyer lighting, especially for narrow entrances. Luckily, there is no reason your hallway should look dull because it is compact.

Since most narrow foyers do not have any furniture or dramatic centerpieces, going big on the lighting will enhance the appearance. In addition, the contrast will undoubtedly give your hallway a decorative edge. 


6. Accessorize 

You already know that the foyer is your home’s grand entrance. Adding reflective ornaments and mirrors will enhance the foyer lighting. For the best results, place the mirrors at the start or end of the hallway.

In addition, ensure you test out the length of the light coming from your fixtures when you place the mirrors. They should reflect the light, not obstruct the design.


Are you looking to upgrade your hallway soon? Look no further! At Las Sola, you will find all the fixtures you need for indoor and outdoor lighting. So order today and have your home looking like a million bucks!


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