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The 12 Best Pendant Lights for Kitchens of 2022

The 12 Best Pendant Lights for Kitchens of 2022

Being the center of daily life, getting every aspect of your kitchen right, including the lighting, is important. Pendant lights are a stylish decorative kitchen lighting trend that has gained traction in 2022. 

Pendant lights are an increasingly popular choice for kitchens because they are both gorgeous and practical. Not to mention they add style to any kitchen. Below is a look at the best pendant lights from Las Sola to add personality to your kitchen in 2022. 

 1. Valentina Pendant Light Clear Bubble Gradient


The handcrafted brushed brass Valentina Bubble pendant light fixture makes a statement in any kitchen. An array of sturdy metal finishes and an alluring HD glass bubble on an adjustable cord complete an elegant centerpiece. You can illuminate your kitchen with incandescent and LED lights with clear, smoked, or amber glass options.

2. Zaid Pendant Light, Terrazzo


The minimalistic but elegant Zaid Pendant Light is the perfect addition to small kitchen spaces. The metal and Terrazzo pendant light is compact, easy to install, and features a built-in LED light and adjustable cord. You have four color options, including pink, white, blue, and gary, to complement just about any kitchen space.

3. Leilani Pendant Light


The Leilani Pendant Light makes for a bold kitchen statement. It features a large dome-shaped metal shade hanging from a circular canopy through a single cord. The simple design, sturdy metal construction, and smooth shade interior of the Leilani Pendant Light ensure attention is drawn to its lower end.

4. PH Morandi Pendant Light


The PH Morandi Pendant Light represents an iconic contemporary light fixture. This popular pendant light features a three-shade layer of various shapes and sizes, vertically and horizontally directing light for the perfect kitchen glow. The fixture comes in various finish options and chic colors, each creating a unique ambiance.

5. Carins Pendant Light


The Carins Pendant Light embraces a hat shape concept that provides a vintage and minimalistic feel to your kitchen. This metal pendant light comes in two sizes and 5 colors: gold, brown, black, gary, and wood. It is ideal for illuminating and decorating kitchens with dining areas.

6. Nazifa Pendant Light


The stylish Nazifa LED Pendant Light is an ideal fixture if you want 360-degree kitchen illumination and an eye-catching focal point. It has a unique contemporary design and comes in various shapes, such as cones and cylinders and body colors. Easy to install and disassemble, Nazifa Pendant Light is a functional and sculptural asset in any kitchen space.

7. Louise Pendant Light, Metal & Glass


The Louise Pendant Light is a simple yet elegant piece that offers a pleasing look with its modern take on the classic lantern silhouette. This fixture features 3 LED bulbs in glass globes aligned on a uniquely designed metal rod supported by 3 cords. The design makes it perfect for kitchen islands. You have the options of black and gold colors.

8. Kristy Pendant Light


The Kristy Pendant Light is a versatile and unique fixture that can amp up your kitchen interior décor game. It features a metal fixture supporting a cone-shaped shade onto which the elongated LED bulb casing sits. You can install a cluster of Kristy Pendant Lights to illuminate a sizeable kitchen island.

9. Levi Pendant Light


The Levi Pendant Light is a retro pendant light and practical eye-catcher over any kitchen island or countertop. The large plate-like acrylic shade onto which the LED bulb sits is supported by a metallic fixture and 3 accentuating cords. The decorative design blends well with both simple and colorful furnishings. 

10. Edge Horizontal Rectangular Pendant Light


The Edge Horizontal Rectangular Pendant Light is a dream addition to large modern kitchen islands. This sturdy metal fixture has a simple, practical, and trendy design, with a white glass curtain that emits pleasant light. The Edge Pendant Light comes with coffee and gold color options.

11. Arisha Pendant Light Curved Circle


Modern, architectural, and outside-the-box are the words you can use to describe the beautifully crafted Arisha Pendant Light. Featuring a circular looped silicone shade supported by a unique copper fixture, this piece is as much a sculpture as it is a lighting fixture. The design makes it perfect for small low-ceiling kitchens.

12. Kristen Pendant Light


There is a simplistic charm to the minimalist design of the Kristen Pendant Light. The fixture's highlight is the modern LED light rings that provide 360-degree white light to brighten and decorate all types of kitchens. The Kristen Pendant Light features an adjustable cord and sturdy metal fixture supporting the accented light rings under an acrylic shade.

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